Public and Personal Safety

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Note about Firearms, Deadly Weapons, and Threats

GSAS students are subject to Massachusetts General Law, including provisions concerning firearms and deadly weapons and threats.

Drug and Alcohol Policies

Officers of the University will respond to:

  • the use of illicit drugs
  • underage possession or consumption of alcohol
  • the serving of alcohol to underage individuals
  • the overconsumption of alcohol with a warning and/or referral to health or counseling services.

GSAS students are responsible for following Harvard’s Alcohol and Other Drugs Policies. A pattern of behavior in violation of these rules may lead to a warning by the dean for student affairs or disciplinary action by the Administrative Board.

Additionally, the Administrative Board will take serious actions, potentially including probation and/or requirement to withdraw, in any case involving:

  • possession in quantity or the sale or distribution of drugs
  • a student falsifying his or her identification with the intent of obtaining alcohol
  • cases of drug and alcohol use involving danger to the community.

Fire Safety Regulations

In an emergency, dial 911

Fire: 617-495-1511
University Police: 617-495-1212

Any abuse of, or tampering with, fire alarm, smoke detector, or fire extinguisher systems is strictly forbidden. Falsely pulling any alarm or maliciously setting off a smoke detector alarm is illegal and may be punishable by a fine of up to $500 or imprisonment. Please note that corridor fire doors must be kept shut at all times.

Students who violate these fire safety or fire emergency regulations may be subject to disciplinary action by the Administrative Board, potentially including a requirement to withdraw.

A student who damages a smoke detector is subject to a fine, equal to the cost of a replacement.