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Visiting Students Program

Through the Visiting Students Program (which is a non-degree student status), participants can engage in classwork, gain research experience, or connect with a graduate program without pursuing a degree.

Investigate your options for non-degree programs in the Programs section for information on visiting students program options.

Visiting Students Program Options

The Visiting Students Program Office accepts applications for special students, visiting fellows, and research scholars twice a year: 

  • March 1 for full academic year (September to May) or fall term only (September to December). Admitted students are notified by June 1.
  • October 1 for spring term only (January to May). Admitted students are notified by December 1. 
  • Access your submitted application here.

Special Students

Learn more about the Special Students Program.

Create a Special Student Applicant Account

Visiting Fellows

Learn more about the Visiting Fellows Program

Create a Visiting Fellow Applicant Account

Other Opportunities for Non-Degree Study


For information about tuition and fees, see the Cost of Attendance section.

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