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Study at Another Harvard School

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Harvard Griffin GSAS students participating in a combined degree program or who intend to study for a degree at another Harvard School cannot be enrolled in two Harvard Schools at the same time and must file an application for Study at Another Harvard School in advance of enrollment elsewhere. This policy does not apply to students in the MS/MBA program.

  • While registered at another Harvard School, students are not charged Harvard Griffin GSAS fees or tuition; however, they remain responsible for meeting Harvard Griffin GSAS academic and tuition requirements in order to receive their degree. Payments toward tuition and fees for another Harvard School may not be considered as payments for Harvard Griffin GSAS charges.
  • Students who wish to take courses in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences while studying at another Harvard School must follow the cross-registration process to enroll in the courses.
  • Health insurance coverage is charged to a student’s account and is managed by the Harvard School in which the student is registered.
  • Non-resident students may request an adjustment of their year of graduate study (G-Year) for time spent studying at another Harvard School and who are participating in a combined degree program.


Non-Residential Application Portal (NORA) application


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