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Transfer to Different Degree Programs

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Harvard Kenneth C. Griffin Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Harvard Griffin GSAS) students may apply to transfer from:

  • an AB/AM or AB/SM program to a master's or PhD program
  • a master’s degree program to a master's or PhD program
  • their current degree program to another.

Current or former Harvard Griffin GSAS students who wish to apply to a new degree program, change their degree, or to transfer to a different degree program must apply through the standard admission process. Applications are due by the program deadline.

When applying, be sure to answer the questions related to your current or previous enrollment in Harvard Griffin GSAS in the “Previous Applications and Enrollments” section of the application for admission.

  • Students may apply for transfer up to three times in their academic career.
  • Students who are approved to transfer admission to a different degree program receive financial credit for tuition paid when they were previously registered and credit toward the PhD tuition requirement.
  • A student who transfers from a Harvard Griffin GSAS master’s degree program to a PhD program receives financial credit toward the PhD tuition requirements. 
  • Courses completed for a master’s degree in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences may count toward academic requirements for the PhD at the discretion of the program.
  • If you are a current Harvard Griffin GSAS PhD student considering applying to another Harvard Griffin GSAS PhD program, please contact the Office of Student Affairs.

Harvard Integrated Life Sciences (HILS)

Students currently enrolled in a Harvard Integrated Life Sciences (HILS) program who wish to transfer to another HILS program must contact the HILS office at to set up a meeting after submitting the application. Your HILS transfer application will NOT be delivered to the department unless you meet with HILS administration.

Ad Hoc, Change of Subject, and Readmission

Students interested in transferring to an ad hoc degree program should review the ad hoc degree program process. Those interested in moving from one area of study to another within the same department at the same degree level should file a Change of Subject Request Form with the Registrar’s Office. Individuals who withdrew from Harvard Griffin GSAS may apply to a different Harvard Griffin GSAS program. Those interested in rejoining their previous degree program should follow the readmission process.


Change of Subject Request Form (for use for changes within the same department)


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