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Identification Cards

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Harvard Griffin GSAS students must obtain an identification card, which is the property of Harvard University intended for University purposes only. ID Cards are issued by the Campus Service Center, who provide information about how to obtain an ID card.

Using Your ID Card

Students must use ID cards to gain admittance to most Harvard activities and facilities, including libraries, museums, dining halls, athletic buildings, and student residences (some facilities may also require additional information before access is granted).

  • The front of the ID card and the magnetic strips on the back may not be covered or defaced.
  • Students must hand over their ID card or otherwise identify themselves upon request to any properly identified employee of the University.

Misuse of ID Cards

Students are responsible for their ID card and the consequences of its misuse. ID cards are not transferable may never be used by another person. Students who alter or falsify an ID card or produce or distribute false IDs of any kind are subject to disciplinary action.

Lost Cards

Lost, stolen, or damaged cards should be reported immediately to the Campus Service Center. Replacement cards cost $25.

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