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Harvard Griffin GSAS students at the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences [SEAS] may pursue a terminal SM in computational science and engineering [CSE] or in data science or a terminal master of engineering (ME) degree in computational science and engineering. SEAS also offers an MS/MBA program jointly with Harvard Business School with the SM in engineering sciences.

More information is available on the SEAS Graduate Policies pages. 

Master of Science (SM)

In most subjects, the SM is awarded for the successful completion of eight term-length (four-unit) courses comprising an integrated program of both depth and breadth. The program is developed in consultation with a field advisor and must be approved by the Committee on Higher Degrees (CHD). Students are expected to take as many of the courses as possible from the 200-level courses offered by SEAS. At least four of the eight must be SEAS courses, and a maximum of three 100-level courses may be substituted for 200-level offerings with CHD approval. (Note that the CHD only rarely approves SM course plans with three 100-level courses; having fewer is preferred.) A core of at least five SEAS or FAS 200-level technical courses is expected. Depending on the subject of the degree, one 299r, seminar, or other non-technical course may be included with CHD approval. Course selection for students in the MS/MBA program is more constrained than in other subjects. The SM in data science requires successful completion of twelve appropriate term-length courses at Harvard.

Only letter-graded courses may be included in the program. All courses must be passed with a grade of C or better, and a B or better average grade must be maintained. Detailed requirements are available on the SEAS graduate policies pages

No thesis, foreign language, or general examination is required.  A thesis option is possible, although not in CSE nor in the MS/MBA program. The master's thesis is not recommended for AB/SM students.

Students admitted to the PhD program can apply for and receive the SM on completion of the requirements for the master’s degree in a given subject area. Prior approval of an SM program plan by the CHD is required, except for SEAS PhD students who are seeking the SM in the same subject as the PhD and whose approved PhD program plan coursework also meets the SM degree requirements.

Undergraduates in Harvard College may apply for admission to the AB/SM program (see the section "AB/AM, AB/SM Programs") for the fourth year and are subject to the SM requirements described in the SEAS graduate policies pages. The SM in data science is not available to AB/SM students.

Master of Engineering (ME)

The ME program admits students who wish to pursue more advanced formal training in research without undertaking the quantity of research required for the completion of a doctoral dissertation. The ME degree requires the successful completion of one year of course work and one year of research, including a final oral presentation of the thesis.

ME students must take eight letter-graded courses that satisfy the same requirements as for the SM degree in their subject, plus eight additional research-oriented courses at the 300-level that result in the completion of the required ME thesis. The letter-graded courses must be completed with a B or better average grade; no course completed with a grade less than B- may be included.

The 16 four-credit courses, including research courses, taken for this degree must form a coherent program plan approved by the CHD. Detailed requirements are available in the Policies of the CHD document. Students are expected to complete the requirements for the ME degree within four consecutive terms. Continuation beyond the fourth term will be granted only if there is reasonable assurance that the requirements can be completed by the end of the fifth term.

No foreign language or general examination is required for the ME degree.

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