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Students who are ready to graduate must be enrolled and pay the appropriate tuition or course rate in their final term of enrollment before applying for one of three annual degree-conferral dates through my.harvard by the deadline indicated in the Degree Calendar.

In unusual circumstances, late applications may be accepted during the week following the deadline:

  • If a student applies for but is not recommended to receive the degree during a given degree period, they must submit a new application in my.harvard for the future degree period in which they intend to graduate.
  • Master’s students must pay full tuition or, if part-time, the per-course rate in their final term.
  • Continuing PhD students interested in a master's en route/masters in passing must apply in my.harvard by the degree calendar deadlines. 

Please contact the Office of Academic Programs if you have missed the deadline to apply for degree. 

Final Term of Enrollment

  • For November degree candidates, the preceding spring term is considered the final term of enrollment. They do not enroll in the fall term.
  • For February degree candidates, the preceding fall term is considered the final term of enrollment. They do not enroll in the spring term.
  • For May degree candidates, the spring term in which they apply for their degree is considered the final term of enrollment.

Non-Resident Status

  • Students may be on non-resident status (voluntary leave of absence, traveling scholar, study at another Harvard school) in their final term of enrollment.
  • Students on voluntary leave of absence in their final term of enrollment will not be charged tuition so long as they have met the requirement for four terms of full tuition and four terms of reduced tuition paid.   

Receiving the Diploma

  • Students who apply for the November, February, and May degree periods may choose to receive their diplomas at the Diploma Awarding Ceremony on Commencement Day
  • When applying for the degree, degree candidates who choose not to receive their diploma at Commencement can pay for their diploma to be mailed to them or held for pick up at the Registrar’s Office.



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