Each year, GSAS identifies and attracts the most promising students to form a dynamic and diverse global community, shaping them into visionary scholars, innovative educators, and creative leaders while encouraging them to cross disciplinary boundaries. Graduate students are at the heart of Harvard’s excellence in research and education, studying with distinguished faculty and accessing world-renowned research centers, scholarly collections, and museums. 

At GSAS, we also build bridges between our students and alumni, who together form a community of 40,000 individuals. Our alumni live throughout the world and engage in a variety of careers, both academic and nonacademic, and the experiences they share support our graduate students as they conduct and complete their studies.

Whether advancing groundbreaking ideas or working alongside faculty and undergraduates, these teachers, mentors, and innovators are pushing the boundaries of what we know and how we learn. Their research, begun at Harvard, has the potential to shape the future of our world.

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The first graduate of Harvard's Graduate Department was William Elwood Byerly, who received a PhD in mathematics in 1873. In 1890, the Graduate Department became the Graduate School of Harvard University as part of the the newly organized Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS). In 1905, the name was...Read more
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