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Leaving Harvard doesn’t mean leaving Harvard Griffin GSAS behind. You can stay engaged by attending events, volunteering, and more!


Throughout the year, Harvard Griffin GSAS hosts virtual and in-person events that bring the extraordinary community of Harvard Griffin GSAS alumni together; showcase the innovative work of Harvard Griffin GSAS alumni, faculty, and students; and connect alumni with one another for social, cultural, and intellectual engagement. 

Each spring, Alumni Day connects graduates with one another to learn about the latest research conducted by Harvard faculty, alumni, and Harvard Griffin GSAS students. Visit the Harvard Griffin GSAS calendar for a list of current events. 


Engage more deeply with students and fellow alumni by serving as a career mentor, hosting a virtual coffee with a student, convening with local alumni, or participating as a member of the Graduate School Alumni Association Council. 

Expand Your Network 

As a Harvard Griffin GSAS graduate, you are part of the wider Harvard alumni network as well. Through the Harvard Alumni Association, you can engage with alumni in your area or who share your interests. Join a Harvard Club or a Shared Interest Group. You can also connect to the network of 330,000 Harvard alumni through the Harvard Alumni Directory

Connect and Share 

Connect with Harvard Griffin GSAS on LinkedIn, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and like us on Facebook. Celebrating a milestone? Share your story or your recently published books with Colloquy magazine. And don’t forget to update your contact information so that you can stay connected with the Harvard alumni community. 

Events Calendar