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Regional Studies–Middle East

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Questions about these requirements? See the contact info at the bottom of the page. 

For a complete statement of regulations regarding graduate work in Middle Eastern studies, candidates should refer to Degree Programs in Middle Eastern Studies.

Master of Arts (AM) in Regional Studies–Middle East

Course Requirements

The program for this terminal AM degree requires two years of study: eight four-credit courses each year making a total of sixteen four-credit courses.

Required Courses

  • Graduate Proseminar in Middle East Studies (MOME 200A)
  • One course in medieval Middle Eastern History (600–1500, CE)
  • One course in modern Middle Eastern History (1798–present)
  • Three additional courses related to the Middle East, two of which must be graduate seminars
  • Four consecutive Middle East language courses: Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, or Armenian (students who are native speakers of one of these languages will be required to study a second Middle Eastern language)
  • Master's Thesis Writing course (MOME 299B) for those writing a thesis. Students enrolled in the AM program may choose to write a master's thesis, but a thesis is not required to complete the degree. All AM students are encouraged to write a master's thesis)
  • Remaining courses are electives, to be chosen by student in consultation with the associate director of the AM program

Language Requirements

All students in the AM program are expected to take four consecutive semesters of one of the major languages of the Middle East: Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish. Students who are native speakers of one of these languages will be required to study a second language.

Grade Requirements

Students should comply with the policy of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Residence Requirements

Students should comply with the GSAS policy.

Policy on Incompletes

Students should comply with the GSAS policy.


The associate director of the AM Program acts as the main advisor for all AM students. Other faculty take on an advising role for the AM thesis.

Contact Info 

Middle Eastern Studies Website

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