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Is it Harvard Griffin G-S-A-S or G-SAS? Commonly Used Terms and Acronyms

If you haven't already noticed, we here at Harvard Griffin G-S-A-S love ourselves a good acronym! That said, it can be challenging to know just which office folks are referring to when they say "Make an appointment with X-Y-Z!" Below is a list of acronyms and other terms that you will hear often. This list is by no means exhaustive, so don't be afraid to ask for clarification if you hear a term you aren't familiar with.

Offices and Locations

ARC: Academic Resource Center

MCS: Mignone Center for Career Success 

Bok: The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

FAO: Financial Aid Office 

HIO: Harvard International Office

DAO: Disability Access Office

HUDS: Harvard University Dining Services  

HUMS: Harvard University Mail Services  

SFS: Student Financial Services  

SEO: Student Employment Office

OGE: Office for Gender Equity

EDIB: Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

FWC: Fellowships and Writing Center  

Academic Programs: Office of Academic Programs  

ResLife: Office of Residential Life

Commons at Lehman Hall: Dining Hall in the Student Center at Harvard Griffin GSAS  

HUH: Harvard University Housing

SHARE: Sexual Harassment Assault Response Education.


Ad Board: Administrative Board

G-year: Graduate-Year  

FAS: Faculty of Arts and Sciences

DGS: Director of Graduate Studies  

TF: Teaching Fellow  

MCS: Mignone Center for Career Success 

RA: Research Assistant or Resident Advisor  

LOA: Leave of Absence  

DAC: Dissertation Advisory Committee or Dissertation Acceptance Certificate or Diploma Awarding Ceremony (for when you graduate!)

DCF: Dissertation Completion Fellowship

SEC: Science and Engineering Complex  

HUID: Harvard University Identification (ID number and ID card)

HUIT: Harvard University Information Technology, the group that manages student internet access

HOLLIS: Harvard Online Library Information System, an online catalog and suite of electronic resources 

Dazzler: A formal letter of introduction from the Office of Student Affairs, which may help traveling scholars with access to libraries, archives, and other resources

NORA: Non-resident application system (for Leaves of Absence or Traveling Scholar status)

DA: Department administrators are administrative staff that work at the departmental level and support students. DAs and graduate program coordinators are your go-to in the department.

Health, Wellness, and Safety

HUHS:  Harvard University Health Services

CAMHS: Counseling and Mental Health Services  

HUPD: Harvard University Police Department

HUCEP: Harvard University Campus Escort Program

SHIP: Student Health Insurance Program

Title IX: Connecting with a Title IX Resource Coordinator  

Student Organizations and Extracurriculars

Engage: Harvard Griffin GSAS student activities platform  

The Center: Student Center at Harvard Griffin GSAS

GSC: Harvard Griffin GSAS Student Council, the student government for Harvard Griffin GSAS students  

HGC: Harvard Graduate Council  

GRHC: Graduate Residence Hall Council  

GSG: GSAS Student Groups  

DGSO: Departmental Graduate Student Organizations  


PAFS: Parental Accommodation and Financial Support

HGSU: Harvard Graduate Student Union

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