Our goal is to make graduate study affordable to all qualified candidates. Whether you are a PhD student or studying for a master’s degree, the dedicated staff of the Office of Financial Aid can help you develop a plan that enables you to secure the resources necessary to pursue your graduate education.

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers a comprehensive program of financial support, including grants and fellowships from internal and external sources, traineeships, teaching fellowships, research assistantships, other academic employment opportunities, and several types of loans...Read more
Dr. Cynthia Verba, director of the Fellowships Office, meets regularly with students and provides guidance on the fellowships process and professional development. In an individual counseling session, you can learn how to identify fellowship opportunities, receive feedback on your fellowship...Read more
The GSAS Student Handbook describes the policies and procedures that apply to students enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The “Financial Aid and Requirements” section details the financial aid policies and procedures that apply to GSAS students, including...Read more
Frequently Asked Questions for Master’s and PhD Students regarding financial concerns and fellowships.Read more