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Leave of Absence

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Students not engaged primarily in degree work are considered on leave of absence. Leaves of absence fall into two categories:

While on Leave of Absence

  • Students on a leave of absence, such as registered students, are expected to maintain a satisfactory standard of conduct.
  • The Registrar’s Office calculation of graduate-year (G-Year) does not stop while the student is on a leave of absence. Students may request a G-Year adjustment through their academic program administrator or graduate program coordinator.
  • Students on a leave of absence ordinarily may be charged facilities fees and/or active file fees (see chart below) and thus may have access to Harvard Library and email as set forth in the section on Non-Resident Students. They also may be charged rent if they are residing in Harvard University Housing. Harvard Griffin GSAS grants to cover such fees are usually not available to students on leave.
  • If instructed by the Harvard Griffin GSAS dean of students, a student on leave must remain away from the campus and may not participate in any University activities. Such students will not be eligible to reside in Harvard housing and will be charged an active file fee, but not a facilities fee.
  • Students may not reside in Harvard Griffin GSAS residence halls while on a leave of absence. Current residents must notify the Office of Residential Life within five days of being approved for or placed on a leave of absence.
  • Repayment of educational loans cannot be deferred while on leave unless the student is registered at another school. Existing student loans may go into loan repayment during leave.
  • Students on a leave of absence may apply for and receive a degree, however, they must pay the facilities fee during their final term of enrollment prior to the conferral of their degree.
Financial Obligations While on Leave of Absence 2023-2024
Facilities FeeCharge for non-resident leave status with full access to Harvard Library resources$1,787 (per term)
Active File FeeCharge for non-resident leave status with alumni access to Harvard Library resources$150 (per term)

See a complete description of Harvard Library access for non-resident students in the non-resident students section.

Health Insurance and Optional Dental Plan

The date a student goes on leave will affect the student's health insurance through Harvard as outlined in the HUHS Leave of Absence/Withdrawal policy.

If you elected to have the optional dental plan, this will not end automatically when you go on leave. Please review the Student Health Program policy on dental plan cancellation and contact Memer Services if you have questions.  


Application for Leave of Absence

Non-Residential Application Portal (NORA) application


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