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Storm and Emergency Conditions

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The Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) rarely cancels classes; however, on the very rare occasion when FAS decides to cancel classes, an announcement of the cancellation will be posted on,, and in the Operations Center section of Harvard’s Energy & Facilities website.

Instructional staff who need to commute should not put themselves in danger during serious storms and may choose to cancel their individual classes. In course materials, instructors may indicate how they will inform students of the cancellation of a class or section meeting and provide instructions for students who decide that they cannot make it to class. If such procedures are not provided, then the student should contact the instructor directly.

Final examinations and make-up examinations are rarely cancelled, and students should report to their examination rooms on time.

FAS offices and academic departments remain open depending on staff availability and whether critical functions are in progress. Students should contact the office to ensure it is open before going there.

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