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Sign to avoid foam containing PFAS on Huron River

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Our Democracy Problem

Danielle Allen, PhD '01, and fellow Harvard faculty Stephen Sachs and Steven Levitsky on how a "big, heterogeneous, diverse country" can avoid coming apart.

American flag

Colloquy Podcast: A Glide Path to Getting the Most from ChatGPT

Tufts University Professor James Intriligator, PhD ’97, a human factors engineer, says that ChatGPT is not a search engine, although many of us use it that way. It's more like a glider that takes us through different domains of knowledge. And he's got step-by-step advice for charting a flight path to better answers. 

Flying Squirrel

Working-Class Scholar

Josh Linkous dropped out of high school at 16 to help support his family after his parents got sick. He thought he'd reached a dead end until he enrolled at community college and started down a path that led eventually to a PhD program at Harvard Griffin GSAS.

Joshua Linkous visiting tobacco and potato farmers on Goto Island, Nagasaki Prefecture
Courtesy of Joshua Linkous

Notes From a Writer's Desk: Collecting Your Own Mid-Term Feedback

Just as teaching evaluations can help you to reflect on the choices you make in the classroom, a writing evaluation—conducted by you, for you—can help you to reflect on how you are organizing and spending your time. 

hand turning calendar date to February 29
image courtesy of Shutterstock

How Politicians Can Draw Fairer Election Districts

New research from Yale Professor Kevin DeLuca, PhD '23, and colleagues proposes a new method of electoral redistricting that delivers fairer results and requires neither cooperation between members of the two major parties nor an independent arbiter to resolve disputes.

Photo of laughing girls dividing up a cake with their bare hands

Modeling How Species Speak

UC Berkeley Professor Gašper Beguš, PhD '18, is developing techniques to understand how AI learns. To test his approach, he's trying to decipher the language of sperm whales.

Mother and baby sperm whale
Gabriel Barathieu via Wikicommons
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