Feature Stories

Crossing Kazakhstan - A2_L
September 22, 2016
Somewhere along the A2 in Kazakhstan, their plans changed. GSAS students Benny Shaffer and Justin Stern, and GSD visiting PhD Fellow Xiaoxuan Lu, MLA ’12, had sketched out a project back in Cambridge that would study the impact of the 1,100 mile... Read More
What's the Buzz - Colloquy-1080.jpg
August 11, 2016
One graduate student’s investigation of bumblebee behavior.Read More
Erin Fletcher
July 13, 2016
The image of graduate study is often a solitary one, filled with long hours of work in the library, the archive, or at the lab bench—and often that’s the reality, as well. And yet, all across GSAS, students are finding ways to connect their... Read More