Feature Stories

Veritalk logo imposed over peacock feathers
February 23, 2018
Why is menswear so uniform, while women's fashion embraces all sorts of decorative, embellished outfits. In other words, why is "plumage" so dependent on gender? And what happens when we start to bend those gender rules?Read More
Natasha Warikoo
February 20, 2018
When Natasha Warikoo, PhD ’05, sociology, moved to the United Kingdom to teach at the University of London, she was surprised by the conversations her students weren’t having. While discussions of race and access to higher education were... Read More
Veritalk logo imposed over peacock feathers
February 16, 2018
Victoria Hwang and Annie Stephenson use bird plumage as the inspiration for their work on structural color. It turns out that replicating some of nature's most impressive colors is actually pretty tricky.Read More