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Campus Property, Facilities, and Resources

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As a Harvard Griffin GSAS student, you have access to Harvard University resources for learning, teaching, and research. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Classrooms
  • Computer labs
  • Libraries
  • Recreational and social spaces
  • Computers and other technology belonging to the University
  • Archival and other research materials
  • Laboratory spaces and equipment

Harvard Griffin GSAS expects that all students will treat these resources with respect and follow any and all rules that Harvard Griffin GSAS or other Harvard University departments set forth for their proper use.

Trademarks and Use of Harvard’s Name

The Harvard Trademark Program administers Harvard University’s use-of-name policies and guidelines, which govern the manner in which Harvard Schools, departments, units, and the wider Harvard community may use the Harvard name. Students or student groups interested in using the Harvard trademark must review and abide by Harvard Trademark Program policies.

GI Bill Trademark Policy

Harvard University is compliant with the following trademark policy:

  • The GI Bill trademark is not to be incorporated or included in company or product names, trademarks, logos, or internet domain names.
  • The term ‘‘GI Bill®’’ is to be used solely to promote official VA benefit programs and services and must include the proper trademark symbol.
  • Use of the trademark attribution notice, indicating that the mark and all associated services belong to VA, is required and shall be taken as evidence that use of the mark is in good faith.
  • No entity shall use the GI Bill trademark in any manner that directly or indirectly implies a relationship, affiliation, or association with VA that does not exist.
  • Disparagement or misrepresentations of VA services through use of the mark, or by the use of confusingly similar wording, are strictly prohibited.

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