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Financial Obligations

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PhD Students

As a requirement for the receipt of the degree, all PhD candidates must pay four terms of full tuition, four terms of reduced tuition, and the applicable facilities fee or active file fee for all subsequent terms of enrollment, unless the time from their initial registration to completion of the degree is less than four years.

  • Ordinarily, full-time PhD students complete the full tuition and reduced tuition requirement in the first four years of study, and these costs are covered in full by the student aid package.
  • After satisfying tuition requirements, PhD students in residence are charged a facilities fee each term. This includes graduating resident students in their last term of registration.
  • If an approved dissertation is submitted to the Registrar’s Office prior to the course registration deadline for a term, a PhD student need not register for that term. If a PhD student registers for a term and subsequently submits an approved dissertation to the Registrar’s Office on or before the course registration deadline for that term, registration will be canceled and any tuition paid for that term will be refunded to the student account.

Harvard Griffin GSAS Master’s Students

Harvard Griffin GSAS master’s degree candidates are charged full tuition for each term of enrollment until receipt of the degree. As a requirement for the receipt of the degree, all Harvard Griffin GSAS master’s candidates must pay a minimum of two terms of full tuition.

Part-Time Students

Part-time students are charged at a per-course rate. See Part-Time Study for more information.

Resident Student Financial Obligations 2023–2024

All students, with the exception of the SM and ME programs in computational science and engineering and the SM program in data science:

Full TuitionFirst four terms of study$27,016 (per term)
Reduced TuitionSecond four terms of study    $7,024 (per term)
Facilities FeeYears of study following completion of full and reduced tuition requirement     $1,787 (per term)


Students in the SM program in Computational Science and Engineering:

All years$61,768


Students in the ME program in Computational Science and Engineering:

G1 Year$61,768
G2 Year$30,884


Students in the SM program in Data Science:

All years$61,768


Per-course rate for students in the SM and ME in Computational Science and Engineering and the SM in Data Science:

Tuition for one course  $7,721
Tuition for two courses$15,442
Tuition for three courses$23,163
Tuition for four courses$30,884


Non-Resident Student Financial Obligations

Non-resident student financial obligations vary based on the type of non-resident status.

Graduating non-resident PhD students are subject to the facilities fee in the final term of enrollment. If a student in this category has already paid the active file fee for that final term, a fee adjustment will be made to ensure that total fees paid are equivalent to the facilities fee. Unlike other students subject to the facilities fee, these students will not be required to pay the Harvard University Student Health Fee.

Additional Financial Obligations

Harvard Griffin GSAS students in residence are automatically enrolled in the Harvard Student Health Insurance Program, which has two components: the Student Health Fee and the Student Health Insurance Plan. Students who have comparable coverage from another source may elect to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan component. PhD students whose requests to waive the Harvard’s Student Health Insurance Plan and/or Harvard's Student Health Fee have been approved will have their grants reduced accordingly. Harvard grants are not available to cover the cost of health insurance obtained from other sources.

All students, with the exception of those registered at another Harvard School and those on an approved leave of absence, will be charged a $25 Harvard Griffin GSAS Student Council fee. This fee funds Harvard Griffin GSAS student groups and organizations, supports student conference attendance and summer research, and helps the Harvard Griffin GSAS Student Council advocate on behalf of students for concerns such as mentoring, teaching, health care, and housing. Students returning mid-year from leave or study at another Harvard School will be assessed a fee of $12.50 for the spring term.

Additional Financial Obligations, 2023–2024:

Student Health Fee (SHF)Required$1,408 (per year)
Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)Required*$4,120 (per year)
Harvard Griffin GSAS Student Council FeeRequired for enrolled Harvard Griffin GSAS students$25 (per year)

*Students who have comparable coverage from another source may petition to waive SHIP.

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