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GSAS students may cross-register for courses at other Harvard Schools (except for the Harvard Division of Continuing Education; interested students must apply directly) and at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, Brown University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Cross-registered students are subject to the rules, regulations, and deadlines for GSAS and for the other school and are graded according to the other school’s grading policy. Please note:

  • Students cross-register for Harvard courses through my.harvard. Visit the Registrar’s Office Cross-Registration page and Harvard’s Cross-Registration section of the course catalog (which includes a credit conversion chart) for more information and instructions on registering for courses outside Harvard.
  • Ordinarily, cross-registered courses may not represent more than one-half the student’s total program of study in any term. Consideration is given to students enrolled in PhD programs in partnership with other Harvard Schools.
  • Courses must be of an advanced nature, equivalent to the courses offered “For Undergraduates and Graduates” or “Primarily for Graduates” by the FAS. Courses at MIT cannot be graduate courses of reading and research.
  • Ordinarily, the course must be relevant to the student’s degree program.

Changing Course Registrations Mid-Term

To change a course after the course registration deadline, students can add, edit, drop, and swap courses in until the deadline noted in the Academic Calendar. A course that is dropped by the drop deadline will not appear on a student’s record. After the deadline, GSAS students may petition to add/withdraw from a course after the deadline.

Taking Classes at the Harvard Division of Continuing Education

GSAS students may register for courses in the Harvard Division of Continuing Education (DCE), which may be useful in preparing for language examinations or to fill other educational needs (DCE is comprised of Harvard Extension School and Harvard Summer School). DCE courses are not part of Harvard cross-registration.

Harvard Extension School

While GSAS students may register for courses at Harvard Extension School, any academic credit earned will count toward Harvard Extension School undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificate programs and may not be counted toward higher degrees granted by GSAS. Students must apply and pay tuition to Harvard Extension School; tuition payment does not count toward the minimum financial requirements for GSAS degrees.

Harvard Summer School

GSAS students may, with the approval of their departments, register for Harvard Summer School courses for academic credit toward a higher degree. The student must submit an Application for Academic Credit for Graduate Work Done Elsewhere through the Registrar’s Office requesting that the work be counted toward the higher degree. Please note:

  • Students must apply and pay tuition to Harvard Summer School; tuition payment does not count toward the minimum financial requirements for GSAS degrees.
  • PhD candidates may apply for a Harvard Summer School Tuition Fellowship.
  • Courses taken following a student’s registration at GSAS will be listed on the GSAS transcript; courses taken prior to GSAS registration will not be listed, but a notation that credit was granted for courses taken will appear on the transcript, if appropriate.

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