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South Asian Studies

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Questions about these requirements? See the contact info at the bottom of the page. 

Programs of Study

The Department of South Asian Studies offers programs of study leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and, in exceptional cases, the Master of Arts (AM) degrees. 


General requirements

For the AM: Eight four-credit courses and at least one year in residence are required.

Core requirements for the AM

Two four-credit courses of seminars, two four-credit courses in Hindi-Urdu, Classical Sanskrit, Tamil, or Tibetan at the advanced level, and four four-credit courses in the student’s special field, including related courses in other departments. An AM thesis is also required.

General Examinations

AM Examinations

Students are expected to take two written examinations the subjects of which will be determined in conjunction with the advisor and an oral exam in the student’s special field.

Thesis & Dissertation 

AM Thesis

The AM thesis will be a substantial paper demonstrating the student’s knowledge of the scholarly literature and methodologies appropriate to the topic of the student’s choice. The topic will be determined by the student in consultation with their advisor. A typical AM thesis is expected to be approximately 75 pages in length.

Contact Info 

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