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Students may enroll in 100/1000-level or 200/2000-level courses, which are letter-graded courses of instruction, or for 300/3000-level courses, which may be individual courses of reading and research, graduate seminars, or direction of the dissertation.  300/3000 level ​courses are graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory (SAT/UNSAT), but at the academic department's discretion, TIME-equivalent courses may be marked as ungraded (NOG). Students enroll in courses equaling 16 credits. 

  • Degree candidates may register for up to six courses (24 credits) in each term without paying additional tuition at the per-course rate.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to not enroll in courses that meet at the same time or overlapping times.
  • A graduate student may enroll in courses labeled “Primarily for Undergraduates” with instructor approval; normally, these courses will not count toward the minimum course requirements for a higher degree.
  • Students may enroll in language courses with the permission of the instructor on a SAT/UNS basis (see the Academic Calendar for deadline) after petitioning for a change of grading status through the Registrar's Office. Language courses taken on a SAT/UNS basis may not count toward the minimum course requirements for a higher degree.
  • Students may audit courses with the permission of the course instructors. 
  • A petition to add/withdraw will need to be submitted to the Office of Academic Programs for processing if after the deadline outlined in the Academic Calendar

Students Departing Mid-Term

Students who plan to be away from campus for more than half of an academic term or year should apply to be a non-resident student.


Petition to Add/Withdraw


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