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Paying Your Student Account

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Your Harvard University student account is a record of all tuition charges and fees associated with your education at Harvard, as well as the payments and credits made towards those charges.  Student accounts are maintained by the Harvard University Student Accounts Office, a division of the University Student Financial Services (SFS). The SFS website includes information on how to access your student account and make payments.

All student accounts must be settled prior to the start of each term; students with overdue charges on their accounts will not be permitted to register. A monthly payment plan is available. Students with questions or concerns about settling their student accounts are encouraged to contact their financial aid officers for assistance.

Candidates for degrees are required to pay in full any amount due to the University prior to the degree conferral date. Until all indebtedness to the University is paid, diplomas will be withheld, degree conferral may be postponed, and degree completion will not be indicated on the candidate’s transcript. Any graduate whose degree was not conferred due to unpaid financial obligations will be subject to a reinstatement process that requires a vote by the Harvard University Office of the Governing Boards.

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