Graduate students are at the heart of Harvard’s excellence in research and education. You work in our world-renowned research centers, scholarly collections, and museums. You bridge outstanding undergraduates and world-class faculty, helping to attract both to Harvard. You invigorate scholarship by bringing fresh ideas that reshape the future of our world.

The dissertation is the capstone project for PhD students. It is perhaps the most important and far-reaching undertaking in the entire doctoral program, having an impact that extends well beyond graduate studies.Read more
Resources are available to help graduate students learn how to teach, how to access accommodations for the classroom, and how to become comfortable speaking publicly. You can also access information about teaching fellowship policies in the GSAS Student Handbook. Teaching fellows (TFs)...Read more
GSAS Research Workshops encourage scholarly discussion of graduate student works-in-progress, such as scholarly articles, thesis prospectuses, and dissertations. Graduate Consortia bring together interested faculty, students, and staff to collaboratively investigate broad topics, such as cancer...Read more
GSAS is committed to assisting graduate students in developing the professional skills needed to launch and build successful careers inside or outside academia. In addition to the support offered at the department or program level, students can access many other resources available through: The...Read more
The GSAS Student Handbook describes the policies and procedures that apply to students enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. It also contains important information and forms related to admissions, registration, academic programs, degree requirements, standards of conduct,...Read more
The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences holds Commencement activities once a year in conjunction with Harvard University’s Commencement in May. November, March, and May degree recipients participate in this one festive occasion marking the transition from student to alumni.Read more
Harvard Integrated Life Sciences is a federation of 14 life sciences PhD programs and subject areas. Our network combines the unparalleled expertise of our faculty with the abundant resources that span Harvard’s life sciences disciplines, fueling innovative collaboration, world-changing...Read more