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Traveling Scholars

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Students who are engaged in degree work full-time outside of the Boston/Cambridge area primarily with non-Harvard resources, for the majority of the academic term, should apply for Traveling Scholar status. In preparation, students should discuss their plans with their advisor and with their financial aid officer.

  • Traveling scholars are expected to inform their advisors of their progress on a regular basis.
  • Before making a decision to apply for Traveling Scholar status, students are strongly advised to consult with their financial aid officer in order to understand the financial implications of status changes.
  • Students who travel to certain Harvard institutions (e.g. Dumbarton Oaks, Villa I Tatti, etc.) may apply for Traveling Scholar status. 
  • Traveling scholars may request a formal letter of introduction, the “Dazzler,” from the Office of Student Affairs, which may help with access to libraries, archives, and other resources.

Health Insurance

Traveling scholars are automatically enrolled in HUSHP. If students have comparable health insurance coverage, they may qualify to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan and the Student Health Fee

Traveling Scholar Financial Elections

Traveling scholars retain full Harvard Library access regardless of their financial election. See non-resident section for more details.

Traveling Scholar Elections 2023-2024
Full Tuition$27,016 (per term)
Reduced Tuition  $7,024 (per term)
Facilities Fee $1,787 (per term)
Active File Fee    $150 (per term)


Traveling scholars are automatically members of the Harvard Griffin GSAS Student Council (GSC). See details on the $25 Harvard Griffin GSAS Student Council fee here.


Apply for Traveling Scholar Status:

Non-Residential Application Portal (NORA) application


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