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Student Engagement

Harvard Griffin GSAS students have numerous opportunities to engage with one another around shared interests and to develop leadership skills.

Interested in becoming a student leader on the Harvard Griffin GSAS Student Council or in a Student Group?

Reach out to your group of interest on Engage or contact the Student Center at Harvard Griffin GSAS Squad.

Harvard Griffin GSAS Student Council

The Harvard Griffin GSAS Student Council (GSC) advocates for, supports, and recognizes Harvard Griffin GSAS students in academic, administrative, and residential matters. 

Through monthly open meetings, the GSC brings together students across disciplines to raise matters of mutual concern. The group also provides a vehicle for Harvard Griffin GSAS students and administrators to have a meaningful dialogue about the issues that shape the graduate experience at Harvard. 

The GSC awards grants for research and travel, funds student groups and organizations, and sponsors student-led mini courses during January@HarvardGriffinGSAS, Harvard’s winter session. Each year, the group also celebrates and highlights student leaders and faculty who positively impact the graduate student experience. Connect with the GSC through Engage or join them in Lehman Hall for their monthly open meetings, which take place in the Graduate Student Lounge on the second floor of the Student Center at Harvard Griffin GSAS. GSC elections occur during their April and September Open Meetings.

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Student Groups

Student Groups at Harvard Griffin GSAS greatly enhance the graduate student experience by providing opportunities to connect with a community of students who share common interests and goals. Student Groups gather around topics ranging from cultures, sports, and hobbies to community service and advocacy. The groups create spaces where you can engage in activities that promote personal growth, develop leadership skills, and build community. Join groups, RSVP to events, and explore social and learning opportunities on Engage

To learn more about existing groups or how to start a new group, contact the Student Center at Harvard Griffin GSAS. 

Language Tables

The Student Center at Harvard Griffin GSAS Language Tables are student-run spaces where Harvard Griffin GSAS Students and Harvard community members get together to practice languages. We encourage all interested in language exchange to participate, regardless of ability. There are several active Language Tables that run weekly meetings either in person, virtually, or in hybrid models. If you would like to organize a new Language Table, contact the Center Squad.

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