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Student Center Fellows

Student Center Fellows collaborate to develop programs and social offerings that build connections across departments, campuses, the University, and into local communities.

Student Center Fellows are Harvard Griffin GSAS students who create programs for graduate students. The programs take place virtually, at Lehman Hall, in the Boston area, or elsewhere in New England. All Harvard Griffin GSAS students, including those based in Longwood and Allston areas, and their partners, spouses, children, and guests as well as students living in Harvard Griffin GSAS Residence Halls are welcome to participate.

The Student Center Fellows work in various program areas to create events such as film series, wine tastings, meditation sessions, short story clubs, days of service, family music-making classes, ski trips, dance lessons, and bike trips. The Student Center at Harvard Griffin GSAS is also home to a literary magazine, language tables, and several musical ensembles.

Fellows Mission Statement 

The Student Center Fellows are a team of diverse student leaders working to positively impact the lives of students at Harvard Griffin GSAS. The Fellows seek to foster a welcoming and supportive community in which Harvard Griffin GSAS students can feel they belong and find activities that connect them with others. The Fellows collaborate to develop programs for students to engage in rich cultural, artistic, athletic, public service, and social offerings that allow them to make connections across departments, campuses, the University, and the local communities.

Explore the Student Center's Fellows programming areas:

  • Arts: art classes, fashion design workshops, dance lessons, theater and more
  • Athletics: intramural/club sports, tournaments and sports-related outings
  • Food Literacy: cultivating an understanding of food and society from the ground up
  • Intellectual and Cultural: talks, film screenings, dinners, and language tables
  • Music (Choir, Jazz, Orchestra, and World Music Collective)
  • Literary: book clubs, writing sessions, poetry nights, and publication of the The Graduate Review
  • Outings: explore Boston/New England in all seasons (hiking trips, ski trips, city tours, performances, museums)
  • Public Service: get involved in serving the greater Cambridge/Boston community
  • Social: join for parties, happy hours, pub crawls, and other social events
  • Wellness: join for programming in all areas of wellness, from mind and body to financial
2022-2023 Student Center Fellows outside of Lehman Hall

Interested in becoming a Student Center Fellow? 

Applications are open in January for the upcoming academic year. Find information on the Student Center at Harvard Griffin GSAS’s Engage page.

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