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Student Groups at Harvard Griffin GSAS

Two students talking at student involvement fair

Student Groups at Harvard Griffin GSAS greatly enhance the graduate student experience by providing opportunities to connect with a community of students that share common interests and goals. 

Student Groups gather around topics ranging from cultures, sports, and hobbies to community service and advocacy. The groups create spaces where you can engage in activities that promote personal growth, develop leadership skills, and build community. Join groups, RSVP to events, and explore social and learning opportunities on Engage.  

The leadership of these groups is Harvard Griffin GSAS students, and the majority of members are Harvard Griffin GSAS students. 

If you are interested in contributing to the well-being of the Harvard Griffin GSAS student body by starting a Student Group, please consult the Harvard Griffin GSAS Student Group Handbook here and contact the Student Center at Harvard Griffin GSAS for more information. 

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