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Residence Hall Overview

While the individual residence halls have their own unique layout and character, here’s what you can expect from living in the halls.

Rooms are single occupancy only, except for six two-room suites available in Child Hall. The two-room suites in Child consist of two small connecting rooms; suites do not have ensuite bathrooms. Students may live in suites alone or with a roommate. If two students share a suite, the room fee will be split equally among them. Students who choose to apply to the suite with a roommate must email our office with their intended roommate’s name. Our office does not assign random roommates to a suite. Couples may apply for housing in a two-room suite; however, both individuals must be full-time registered Harvard graduate students. All floors house male- and female-identifying individuals, except for Child basement (all male-identifying individuals) and Child fourth floor (all female-identifying individuals). Visitors of all genders are permitted to visit single-gender floors.


Each room contains a bed (extra-long twin), desk and chair, desk lamp, bookcase, bureau, and closet or wardrobe (these items cannot be removed from the rooms); pillows, linens, towels, and blankets are not provided. Rooms also include Ethernet jacks for wired access, and Wi-Fi is available throughout the halls. 


In Child, Conant, and Richards Halls, bathrooms are designated for single-gender use. In Perkins Hall, two bathrooms are designated for all-gender use, located on the second and third floors. Child, Richards, and Perkins have two bathrooms per floor. Conant has one bathroom per floor. Therefore, for one term during the academic year, students in Conant Hall may need to use the bathroom on the floor above or below the floor on which they reside. Bathroom designations in Conant Hall will be reversed at the beginning of the spring term.

Common Areas

Residents have access to a number of communal areas: 

  • All floors have at least one kitchen that contains a microwave, stove, oven, kettle, and two full-sized refrigerators.
  • Each hall has at least one lounge with cable television and a DVD player (individual rooms do not have cable access).
  • Washers and dryers are located in the basements of each of the halls, operated by coins or Crimson Cash funds (a declining balance account accessed through your Harvard ID).
  • A computer lab is available in Child Hall.
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