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Meal Plan

The GSAS Commons meal plan provides an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with fellow students.

GSAS residents are required to enroll in the GSAS Commons meal plan, which follows the academic calendar. Meals are provided at the GSAS Commons in Lehman Hall. The cost for the 2022–2023 academic year is $2,776. Please visit the GSAS Commons website for more details. If you are not interested in participating in a meal plan, you are advised to seek alternative accommodations. 

GradPlus Student Meal Plan

If you would like to supplement your GSAS Commons meal plan, you can elect to purchase a declining balance meal plan for use in designated Harvard University Dining Services Campus Cafes. The GradPlus meal plan follows the academic calendar and consists of two allotments of declining balance dollars. In addition, participants receive a 10 percent discount on purchases made with the meal plan. Visit the HUDS website for more information.

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