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Life in the Residence Halls

Living in one of our four residence halls is a great way to connect to the Harvard Griffin GSAS community.

The Office of Residential Life oversees four residence halls—Child, Conant, Perkins, and Richards, all of which are located in the North Yard of Harvard's Cambridge campus. The halls are Harvard’s most convenient and affordable graduate housing option. Each building has unique qualities, which you can find in the Residence Hall Tour section.

The halls are a brief walk to libraries, laboratories, and classrooms on the Cambridge campus and to Harvard Square. Free shuttle service is available from the Square to the Longwood Medical Area. In the halls, you will find a community-based environment where residents are encouraged to meet one another, enjoy a variety of events, and dine together in Commons at Lehman Hall. Each floor has a resident advisor (RA), graduate students who live in the halls to help residents adjust to residence hall living, aid in emergency situations, and serve as liaisons with the Harvard Griffin GSAS administration.

The Harvard Griffin GSAS residence halls not only offer comfort and safety but also fun throughout the year! RAs host floor and community events, including residence hall–wide Halloween and Thanksgiving parties, talent show competitions, wine and cheese nights, weekend breakfast and brunches, potlucks, and finals study breaks. The Graduate Residence Hall Council (GRHC) is a voluntary, student-run organization that fosters a sense of community among hall residents by organizing various social activities throughout the year. The GRHC also oversees recreational and media equipment.

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