The Office of Student Services is the go-to office for GSAS students, providing advice and ongoing support and making referrals to other services as necessary. In emergency situations, Student Services receives notifications and reaches out to offer assistance to students. The go-to person in Student Services is Case Manager Keenan Bailey. In addition to the above, he meets with and assists students having academic or personal difficulties in navigating and connecting with GSAS, Harvard, and local resources. Whatever the issue, the Office of Student Services is a great place to start.

The office is additionally responsible for various aspects of GSAS Welcomes events and often partners with other offices or student leaders to bring wellness-focused initiatives and programming to students. The office has a monthly wellness column, and the office bulletin board includes tips, tricks, and engaging wellness reminders. Students can drop by the office between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., can reach out by phone or email, or can book an appointment with Keenan online. Keenan, and Vicky Mooney, the office's program coordinator, are here to assist and support students however they can!