October 31, 2017
In the summer of 2010, shortly after she graduated from Harvard College, Christine Baugh started working at a neuroscience research lab at Boston University. Young men would come into the lab suffering from chronic pain, depression, and even early... Read More
October 31, 2017
As Houghton Library turns 75, former and current GSAS students look back at the objects that inspired their research.Read More
October 11, 2017
Thenesoya V. Martín De la Nuez vividly remembers what it was like in 1997 to hear legendary Louisiana isleños singer and wood carver Irvan Perez sing the décima, a creolized version of the traditional Spanish ten-line improvised narrative poem.Read More
September 26, 2017
This fall, GSAS is proud to congratulate our 8 Fulbright winners, 39 National Science Foundation graduate research fellowship winners, and dozens of other fellowship awardees. Three students earned prestigious Fulbright-Hays awards from the US... Read More
September 11, 2017
Collaboration and cooperation among scientists are essential for enhancing scientific research, but how does one go about fostering both of these activities? For Dyann Wirth, Richard Pearson Strong Professor of Infectious Diseases at the Harvard T... Read More
July 25, 2017
Work that Christopher Chabris, PhD '99, conducted on inattentional blindness won an Ig Nobel Prize, which honors "achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think," and cautions us about the impact of increasing technological... Read More
July 18, 2017
For non-historians, history can seem like an accounting of time. On this date, that happened, as though the true story of those who lived long ago can be gleaned from recorded events. But speak to those who study the past and the truth of history... Read More
July 12, 2017
Re-engineering interstellar technology into a smartwatch that never needs to be recharged The NASA Voyager 1 space probe, the only man-made object to ever enter interstellar space, is zipping through the cosmos at 40,000 miles per hour as it... Read More
July 7, 2017
In 2012, Latanya Sweeney was talking to a reporter in her Harvard office when she Googled her own name. An ad for a background check popped up next to the links of her published work. “Forget the studies,” the reporter said. “Tell me about that... Read More
May 31, 2017
Jean Fan , a PhD student in Medical Sciences studying bioinformatics and integrative genomics, is a statistician, computer scientist, and founder of CuSTEMized , a nonprofit initiative that encourages young girls’ interests in science, technology,... Read More