Eric Fredrickson
Tony Rinaldo
May 4, 2018
The 2018 Harvard Horizons Scholars share their research on the Sanders Theatre stage.Read More
Natasha Warikoo

Natasha Warikoo

February 20, 2018
When Natasha Warikoo, PhD ’05, sociology, moved to the United Kingdom to teach at the... Read More
Veritalk logo imposed over peacock feathers
Emily Wilson
February 16, 2018
Victoria Hwang and Annie Stephenson use bird plumage as the inspiration for their work on structural color. It turns out that replicating some of nature's most impressive colors is actually pretty tricky.Read More
Veritalk logo imposed over peacock feathers
Emily Wilson
February 9, 2018
In this episode, PhD student Dakota McCoy, who studies Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, asks why birds of paradise evolved to have brightly colored feathers. Then she asks an even bigger question: Why did some of these brightly colored birds also develop super-black feathers?Read More
A politician speaks, but his face is covered with a pie chart piece.
Angus Greig
January 25, 2018
The new age of big data was supposed to make decisions easier, and in some ways it has. Data tells... Read More
Catherine Hartmann

Hartmann studies pilgrimage guides from the 13th to 17th century.

Molly Akin
January 24, 2018
Catherine Hartmann was first exposed to Buddhism in a church Bible study group. “We were... Read More
Dark black Bird of Paradise with iridescent neck feathers

Super-black feathers on these guys are like looking into a dark cave.

Natasha Baucas, CC BY-SA
January 10, 2018
What do birds and aerospace engineers have in common? Both have invented incredibly... Read More
Photo of Christine Baugh a PhD student in health policy
Molly Akin
October 31, 2017
In the summer of 2010, shortly after she graduated from Harvard College, Christine Baugh started... Read More
An open book with hand-drawn symbols and illustrations. The pages are folded like an accordion.

This Batak book was used in rituals in Indonesia.

October 31, 2017
As Houghton Library turns 75, former and current GSAS students look back at the objects that inspired their research.Read More
Signal with the immigrants boats that arrived to Louisiana in the 18th century.jpg
Aníbal Martel
October 11, 2017
Thenesoya V. Martín De la Nuez vividly remembers what it was like in 1997 to hear legendary Louisiana isleños singer and wood carver Irvan Perez sing the décima, a creolized version of the traditional Spanish ten-line improvised narrative poem.Read More