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PhD student Vaibhav Mohanty lecturing at a blackboard on theoretical chemistry
Courtesy of Vaibhav Mohanty

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New Hires’ Psychological Safety Erodes Quickly

Research by PhD student Derrick Bransby and alumni Michaela Kerrissey and Amy Edmondson shows why newcomers are vulnerable to a loss of psychological safety and presents strategies to help them speak up. 

Chart measuring how new hires' psychological safety changes over time

Notes From a Writer's Desk: Summer by the Charles

A few hours in a kayak on the Charles is, for me, a uniquely refreshing summer activity. Between instinctual stroke after stroke on the tranquil waters, my mind can relax, thoughts meander, and ideas flow. 

view from the Charles River passing under Weeks footbridge
Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Finding Secrets in Fossils

How did different animals develop the same protection mechanism despite not being closely related? Recent PhD graduate Sarah Losso investigates.

Trilobite from the Walcott-Rust Quarry in upstate New York
Courtesy of Sarah Losso

Why Joe Biden Should Stay in the Race

American University Professor Allan Lichtman, PhD ’73, who has correctly predicted the results of 9 of the last 10 presidential elections, says that Democrats’ prospects for victory in November would be far worse if Biden stepped aside. 

side profile shot of President Joe Biden
Biden speaking with supporters at a community event at Sun City MacDonald Ranch in Henderson, NV in 2020.

Rehab That Works for Incarcerated People

New study led by Professor Marcella Alsan, PhD '12, finds inmates who took part in an innovative county jail education program were less likely to return to jail. They also built their skillsets at relatively low cost.

Image of a pair of handcuffs over a bar graph
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