Eric Fredrickson
Tony Rinaldo
May 4, 2018
The 2018 Harvard Horizons Scholars share their research on the Sanders Theatre stage.Read More
Smiling woman hugging another woman

Alison Simmons hugs one of her students

Elena Iourtaeva
May 3, 2018
Compassion is a quality that doesn’t often appear on CVs or in grant proposals, but it’s a quality that makes a faculty mentor great.Read More
5 Bok award winners stand in front of a brick wall holding their awards embossed with the GSAS shield

Shanna Weitz, Chi-Yun Hsu, Andrew Yegian, Aaron Benavidez, and Chris Spaide

May 2, 2018
What makes a good teaching fellow? Is it the ability to enhance a student’s understanding of the material?Read More
April 27, 2018
If you received a multi-year financial aid award package that includes funding for the 2018–... Read More
April 26, 2018
Each year, the Graduate Student Council chooses eight graduating students as Commencement marshals... Read More
Katherine van Schaik
April 24, 2018
Katherine Van Schaik pursues an MD alongside a PhD in ancient history.Read More
Woman with face partly covered by her hand.
April 24, 2018
Notes from the Dudley Underground explores graduate students' options for accessing mental healthcare.Read More
Three alumni converse casually in Emerson Hall
Tony Rinaldo
April 19, 2018
Harvard faculty and GSAS alumni share big ideas and new innovations at Alumni Day 2018.Read More
Rhine Samajdar (L) and Amaneet Lochab (R)
Tony Rinaldo
April 16, 2018
Alumni return to campus for residence hall reunion.Read More
Child Hall, exterior view
March 23, 2018
On April 13, 2018, GSAS is celebrating its four residence halls with a special reunion event to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the construction of Perkins and Conant Halls.Read More