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Blender schematic of visible TFLN modulator
Ryan Allen

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The Art of Fellowship

From dancing to painting, writing, knitting, and even cooking, the Student Center arts and literary fellows enable their peers at Harvard Griffin GSAS to take a break from their studies and engage their creative sides. 

Students participate in a Collage Workshop at Harvard Art Museum Materials Lab
Student Center at Harvard Griffin GSAS

Building 'Bots and Community

In the lab, PhD student Gino Domel studies the actuators that enable soft robots to move. Outside the lab, he works to build community among his fellow students, co-founding the MS/ME Graduate Organization, and serving as an athletics fellow at the Student Center at Harvard Griffin GSAS. 

PhD student Gino Domel
Eliza Grinnell/SEAS

Notes From a Writer's Desk: From Text to Text

The Fellowships & Writing Center (FWC) recently held two talks as part of our annual April Speaker Series: “The Translator as Reader and Writer”; and “Moving from the Dissertation to the Book.” [...] While these talks might seem to bear little similarity, a common theme emerged: the transformation of one form of text into another.

etching of Dryope transforming into a lotus tree, from Ovid's Metamorphoses
courtesy of Harvard Art Museums online collection

Back from Nowhere

2024 Harvard Horizons Scholar Mauro Lazarovich shines a light on the experience of the stateless—and the writers and artists who brought those “erased” by governments and bureaucracies back into view through their creative work.

Lasar Segall's painting, "Navio de Emigrantes"

Tracing the Origins of Algorithmic Life

Graduating student and Harvard Horizons Scholar Juhee Kang charts the path of psychological tests from scientific novelty to the bulwark of “scientific management” and meritocracy.

Photo of an Uchida-Kraepelin (UK) test
Courtesy of Juhee Kang
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