Harvard Offices

GSAS and University resources exist to help students navigate their academic careers, including:

Harvard-based Resources

Many Harvard programs, faculty, and graduate students have developed advising documents and guides that can be adapted or be used to start discussions about effective advising and expectations.

  • Kramer Lab Expectations—Professor Elena Kramer outlines her expectations for graduate students and lists what graduate students can expect from her on her lab's website.
  • Goodrich Lab Best Practices—Professor Lisa Goodrich employs a strategy to ensure transparency and create a positive lab culture by recommending best practices designed to benefit all members of the research community.
  • Department of Sociology Doctoral Advising Conversation Guide—PhD students and faculty in the Department of Sociology worked together to develop a Doctoral Advising Conversation Guide that aims to outline questions students might ask at different phases of the doctoral program.

External Resources

Professional societies and academic institutions have developed guides focused on the advising relationship that can be useful in developing and improving an advising practice.