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Dissertation Submission Checklist

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  • Is every page of the dissertation correctly numbered?
  • Does the body of the text begin with Page 1?
  • Is the pagination continuous? Are all pages included?
  • Is the Dissertation Acceptance Certificate unnumbered and positioned as the first page?
  • Is the placement of page numbers centered throughout the manuscript?
  • Is the title page formatted correctly?
  • Is the author’s name, in full, the same on the title page and the abstract?
  • Does the author’s name and date on the title page match the Dissertation Acceptance Certificate?
  • Does the copyright page follow the title page?
  • Is the abstract included after the copyright page, and is it formatted correctly?
  • Does the abstract include the title of the dissertation, the author’s name, and the dissertation advisor’s name?
  • Is the title on the abstract the same as that on the title page?
  • Are the margins at least 1” on all sides?
  • Is the font size 10–12 point?
  • Are all fonts embedded?
  • Are references in the form of footnotes (or endnotes if customary in your field)?
  • Are all charts, graphs, and other illustrative materials legible?
  • Do lengthy figures and tables include the “(Continued)” notation?
  • If appropriate, have you filed for a patent?
  • All formatting is checked before submitting the dissertation (review Top 10 Formatting Errors).
  • Submit dissertation through ProQuest ETD.
  • If you are requesting an embargo of longer than two years, you will need a signed approval from the DGS.

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