Although I’ve been working in higher education for 12 years now, it always surprises me how fast the spring semester flies by.

Classes and teaching may be over but summer is often a busy time for graduate students, full of reading, research, travel, and more. Though academic progress is important, I want to remind you not to let the vocational spoke of the wellness wheel take over. Summer should also be a time of refreshment and joy!

If you feel like you are struggling to find balance, take a look at some of the suggestions that the Center for Wellness and Health Promotion provides for strengthening each spoke of the wellness wheel. Pick one to tend to this summer. For example, I am going to focus on the relational spoke. Summer is a great time to reconnect with family and friends, and maybe even a little with myself too. To nurture that relationship with myself, I plan to read two books that foster my personal growth—let’s call them empowerment books. I encourage you to choose a book to read just for fun! Whether it’s science fiction, a romance novel, or something that will strengthen the relationship you have with yourself, go to your favorite park, beach, or cozy spot and invest in yourself.

As you consider how to nurture your connections, ask yourself if you need more social opportunities. The GSAS Student Center is hosting a series of programs in May to honor Asian American and Pacific Islander Month. (You can find some recordings of past events here.) Make sure to keep your eyes open for Pride Month events in June, as well as other fun activities like dance classes. Whatever you are interested in, GSAS has ways to support and connect you to folks with shared experiences.

The Office of Student Services remains open during summer, so if you are feeling disconnected in any way, make an appointment with us to re-engage with your community and other resources. Other offices are open this summer too. Why not check out one of the Academic Resource Center’s Accountability Groups or sign up for a workshop at the Fellowships & Writing Center?

Before signing off, I want to take a moment to recognize the achievements not only of the Class of 2022 but also of the classes of 2020 and 2021, which will be celebrated later this month at the first on-campus Commencement ceremonies in two years. A HUGE congratulations to all of you! I cannot wait to see you parade into the Tercentenary Theatre and beam with joy for all that you have accomplished! Reflect on all that you have accomplished during this particularly hard moment in history. Take the lessons you learned with you as you embark on being a global citizen and leader. You are now part of the Harvard alumni community and the GSAS family. (Along those lines, watch your email inbox for news from the GSAS Alumni Association, including information about the School’s year-long 150th-anniversary celebration in 2022-2023!)

Remember to be kind to each other and visit B-2 and B-Well!


B-2 B-Well: This Summer, Remember to Refresh!

Photo by Tony Rinaldo