Each year, the Office of Residential Life chooses a group of outstanding students to serve as resident advisors (RAs) for the upcoming academic year. RAs function as informal mentors and advisors, speaking candidly with first-year students in particular about all aspects of the graduate school experience. They act as liaisons with Residential Life and the Offices of Student Affairs and Student Services, informing residents of housing policies, rules, and regulations; reporting needed repairs and facilities problems; and managing and reporting emergencies. They also organize activities that enable a diverse on-campus intellectual community to flourish at GSAS.

Please join the Office of Residential Life in congratulating the following 2021–2022 student RAs:

Child Hall RAs 21-22

Child Hall

Basement: Shelton Lo

First Floor: Rebecca Stewart

Second Floor: Aabid Allibhai

Third Floor: Rhine Samajdar

Fourth Floor: Destiny Crowley
Conant Hall RAs 21-221

Conant Hall

First Floor: Soubhik Barari

Second Floor: Manana Hakobyan

Third Floor: Ronak Jain

Fourth Floor: Radha Blinderman

Perkins Hall RAs 21-22

Perkins Hall

First Floor: Robert Stone

Second Floor: Katie Reneslacis

Third Floor: Javid Riahi

Fourth Floor: Pariroo Rattan

Richards Hall RAs 21-22

Richards Hall

First Floor: Joe Currie

Second Floor: Yunyao Zhai

Third Floor: Ifeosa Anwulika Nkem-Onyekpe


Announcing the 2021–2022 GSAS Resident Advisors!

Photo by Tony Rinaldo