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Course Selection

Information on selecting courses as a visiting student

To review the courses offered during a particular term, access the Public Course Catalog. Courses marked with an asterisk require instructor approval before you can register and those in brackets are not offered during the current term but may be offered in the future. Special students are restricted from participating in a select group of departmental offerings. Please note, course instructors reserve the right to make enrollment adjustments during the Add/Drop period, should they determine a student is not academically qualified.

Special students may audit coursework upon securing the approval of the course instructor, who determines the level of participation. A grade is not received for the course, but the student’s transcript will reference “TIME-A.” Full tuition is charged for an officially audited course.

Special students may also participate in a supervised independent research project instead of a half-course after securing approval from a faculty member. While a grade is not received for the course, the student’s transcript will reference “TIME-C.” Full tuition is charged.

Cross Registration

Special students may enroll in a limited number of courses (not more than half of one’s total program per term) in other Harvard faculties or cooperating schools. Learn more by reviewing Harvard’s cross-registration procedures. Enrollment cannot be guaranteed in advance of registration.

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