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International Visiting Students

Non-US citizens who are accepted to the Visiting Students Program must make arrangements for a visa to study at Harvard.

Harvard Griffin GSAS welcomes international special students and visiting fellows, and Harvard sponsors visas for admitted students. Individuals who are not US citizens ordinarily conduct their studies on a Harvard-sponsored student (F-1) visa. A Harvard-sponsored Exchange Scholar (J-1) visa will be issued upon request based on formal exchange agreement requirements. 

Visa arrangements cannot be made until the applicant has been admitted and the necessary financial certification has been provided to the Visiting Students Program Office by the student. To satisfy US Immigration requirements, international students must demonstrate that they can afford all expenses, including tuition, fees, and living expenses. For additional information about visa regulations please contact the Harvard International Office.

Visa requirements specify that international special students must be enrolled full-time while registered at Harvard Griffin GSAS, which equates to 16 credits or four term-long courses. Officially audited classes are counted toward the four-course requirement; you may audit no more than half of the courses you are enrolled in.

Non-native English speakers will need to demonstrate English proficiency.

All international students (including special students and visiting fellows) are invited to attend International Student Orientation during August, where they learn about life at Harvard Griffin GSAS and in the United States.

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