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Restricted Courses

Courses not open to special students and visiting fellows

The following is a partial list of courses NOT open to special students and visiting fellows.

Business Economics  
All first year MBA courses  
Ec 2010a, b, c, d Micro- and Macro-Economic Theory  
All junior seminars: 90-level courses  
All field seminars: Gov 2030, Gov 2105, Gov 2305, Gov 2710  
Gov 2000: Quantitative Methods  
History 3900 Writing History: Approaches and Practices  
History of Art and Architecture  
All 200-level seminars require the permission of the instructor at registration, some seminars may be closed  
Near Eastern Languages and Civilization  
Hebrew 200r Problems in the Literature, History, and Religion of Israel: Seminar  
Medical Sciences  
BCMP 205 Principles of Pharmacology  
BCMP 220 Biochemical Events in Human Disease  
BPH 300r Laboratory Rotations  
Genetics 200 Fundamentals of Genetics, Embryology, Reproduction  
Genetics 330 Proposal Writing  
Immunology 301 Immunology Seminar  
Immunology 328r Introduction to Research  
Med Sci 215 Integrated Human Physiology  
Med Sci 300 Conduct of Science  
Med Sci 333r Introduction to Research in Biological and Biomedical Sciences  
Med Sci 380 Reading and Research in Biological and Biomedical Sciences  
Med Sci 399 Topics in Medical Sciences  
Micro 230 Analysis of the Biological Literature  
Neuro 327 Rotations in Neuroscience  
Virology 300r Introduction to Research 
Music 261r, 262r Composition: Seminar  
Music 264r Electronic Music Composition: Seminar  
Phil 300a, 300b Colloquium  
Phil 303 Colloquium: Dissertation Presentations  
Phil 311 Workshop on Moral and Political Philosophy  
Phil 333 Preparation for the Topical Examination  
Phil 399 Direction of Doctoral Dissertations  
PSY 2010 Contemporary Topics in Psychological Research  
PSY 2420 Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Psychological Disorder  
PSY 2430 Cultural and Individual Diversity  
PSY 2460 Diagnostic Interviewing  
PSY 3050 Clinical Practicum  
PSY 3070 Clinical Assessment and Treatment Practicum  
PSY 3080 Practicum in Clinical Neuropsychological Assessment  
PSY 3250 Psychological Testing  
PSY 3800 Psychometric Theory  
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Eng Sci 91r Supervised Reading and Research  
Appl Math 91r Supervised Reading and Research  
Appl Math 99r Thesis Research  
Comp Sci 91r Supervised Reading and Research  
Appli Phys 299r Special Topics in Applied Physics  
Eng Sci 299r Special Topics in Engineering Sciences  
Appl Math 299r Special Topics in Applied Mathematics  
Comp Sci 299r Special Topics in Computer Science  
Appl Phys 298r. Interdisciplinary Chemistry, Engineering and Physics: Seminar  
Appl Phys 294hfr. Materials Science Seminar  
ALL 300-level courses 
Visual and Environmental Studies Admission to limited-enrollment seminars and all studio arts and film production courses is at the discretion of the course head. 
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