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Consultations on Writing

The Fellowships & Writing Center offers individual consultations geared toward improving the overall argument, structure, and style of your academic writing. We provide feedback on numerous genres, including course papers, conference papers, abstracts, prospectuses, articles, dissertation or thesis chapters, and fellowship essays.  

We do not provide line editing or English language proofreading. Letting your writing specialist know in advance what you would like to work on is key. 

Submitting a draft:

Harvard Griffin GSAS students are eligible to submit one piece of writing at a time by completing our FWC intake form. We welcome drafts at any stage of completeness: very rough drafts are fine, as are more polished pieces or papers that students are preparing for publication. When filling out the form, students may select a specific writing specialist to read their work. Writing specialists will provide written feedback and will be in touch directly to set up consultations.

Brainstorming ideas:

If you do not yet have a draft to share and are struggling with the writing process or simply would like to brainstorm your ideas, you may schedule an office hour appointment with Dr. Christopher Brown. 


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