The GSAS Welcomes: International Summer Institute is a collaboration between the GSAS Office of Student Affairs, the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, and campus partners across the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. New international PhD student participants will live in-residence in the GSAS Residence Halls for the duration of the weeklong program. There are no additional room or tuition charges; students are responsible for living expenses only. Program capacity will be limited to a cohort of 35 PhD students. 

Program Dates: Tuesday, August 9, 2022–Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Program Goals

The program themes are: 

  1. Community Building 
  2. Familiarity with Harvard (Campuses & Resources)

Students should discuss participating in the program with their graduate program or email the Office of Student Affairs for more information.   

Learning Outcomes

As a result of participating in GSAS Welcomes: International Summer Institute, students will: 

  • Make friends with new international students across academic fields in GSAS (Community Building) 

  • Interact with continuing students and learn more about key student leadership opportunities available to them (Community Building)  

  • Understand the campus services and resources available to them to enhance and support their academic experience (Familiarity with Harvard)  
  • Know how to confidently navigate the GSAS Welcomes Canvas site, and GSAS Welcomes in-person events, to use them to gather a basic introduction to life at Harvard (Familiarity with Harvard) 
  • Navigate the Harvard campuses and surrounding Greater Boston community and understand how to way-find on university and public transportation (Familiarity with Harvard) 

  • Learn more about the Harvard classroom dynamic, expectations, and the Harvard graduate student advising village (Familiarity with Harvard)  

  • Gain familiarity with conversations about equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging, and the importance of their own identities (Familiarity with Harvard) 

  • Feel more comfortable in different communication settings; explore relationship building and networking within the department (Familiarity with Harvard) 

During the program, you will participate in program-wide activities, including site visits, workshops, and panels to learn more about your new environment and how to maximize the resources available to support you. You will hear from: 

During the evenings and over the weekend, you will have an opportunity to connect with fellow participants in the residence halls, as well as continuing student leaders through a series of meals, socials, and outings.