December 15, 2011
An innovative workshop aims to help international TFs improve English speaking skills, master American slang, and gain confidence in the Harvard classroom When Bambo Sosina, a PhD student in the Statistics Department, came to the United States for... Read More
December 9, 2011
Advice for GSAS students on producing journal articles and on getting from dissertation to book By Cynthia Verba, GSAS Director of Fellowships At a panel discussion on November 8, 2011, Harvard University Press Editor Elizabeth Knoll was joined by... Read More
December 9, 2011
Become a freshman proctor or house tutor and play a key role in the life of Harvard GSAS students are encouraged to explore freshman Proctor and House Tutor positions, which provide not only an opportunity to take part in the life of Harvard College... Read More
December 9, 2011
This January, the Graduate Student Council at GSAS is sponsoring an exciting roster of mini-courses taught by GSAS students. These courses, part of January@GSAS , provide a chance for GSAS students to step back from their own line of scholarly... Read More
December 2, 2011
Getting from the beginning to the end of the process, and living to tell As PhD candidates contemplate their futures, the dissertation looms large, both in psychic terms and in reality. It is the epic hurdle, the shoals upon which dreams get... Read More
November 28, 2011
Three GSAS students are among the 48 total winners in a new fellowship competition from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute that awards full-time funding to exceptional international students in the third, fourth, and fifth years of their graduate... Read More
November 25, 2011
Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning is pleased to introduce the Teaching Certificate Program for GSAS students. Building on the existing workshops, seminars, and teaching practicums offered through the Bok Center, the Teaching Certificate... Read More
November 21, 2011
GSAS RAs help everyone feel at home, even at Thanksgiving, even if you don't know what Thanksgiving is. Call it the most multi-tasking job you’ll ever love. Serving as facility liaisons, counselors, tour guides, mediators, and event planners, the... Read More
November 17, 2011
Navigating the mental health resources at Harvard, and coming out strong on the other side One PhD student finds himself increasingly conflicted as he tries to balance the assumptions of his scholarly discipline with his personal convictions, and... Read More
November 16, 2011
The main dining room at Dudley House was decked out and filled to capacity on October 27 as President Drew Faust joined House Masters Jim and Doreen Hogle and legions of GSAS students — along with FAS Dean Mike Smith, GSAS Dean Allan Brandt, and... Read More