January 12, 2016
For Yifei Shi, academic discovery was far from her mind when she visited the Harvard-Yenching Library for a routine course assignment. A master’s student in the Regional Studies–East Asia program, Shi was looking for a monograph written by the... Read More
January 7, 2016
Jay Munster combined his engineering expertise with resources at the Harvard innovation lab to develop a mask that will help people living in regions suffering from severe air pollution.Read More
December 10, 2015
Examining Linguistics and the Neurocognitive Basis of Speech Rachel Romeo has been fascinated by the brain ever since she can remember. “It’s the essence of who we are as humans,” she says. “Its plasticity throughout the lifespan is what permits us... Read More
November 12, 2015
Marinna Madrid’s work—helping to develop potential treatments for blood disorders such as lymphoma and leukemia—had its start in an unlikely place: yogurt.Read More
October 7, 2015
How one GSAS student challenges assumptions about the undergraduate experienceRead More
August 11, 2015
How GSAS programs help level the playing field in graduate studies, academia, and beyondRead More
March 27, 2015
How Travis Busbee and Ryan Truby, graduate students in the Lewis Lab, worked with Lewis to create an undergraduate course. We still can’t walk on water, but we can walk on oobleck. While water, like most other liquids, gives way to force, oobleck—a... Read More
February 20, 2015
Bridget Alex likes humans. And as it happens, some fifty thousand years ago, there were several kinds of them around According to Alex, a graduate student in anthropology and human evolutionary biology and a 2015 Harvard Horizons Scholar , for... Read More
January 28, 2015
Blythe George plans to leverage her Yurok background and Harvard education to advocate for better public policy relating to Native American reservations. As anyone who’s seen a John Ford film will tell you, in the popular imagination, Native... Read More
January 24, 2015
How a connection between Harvard’s faculty of arts and sciences and the Uffizi gallery helps graduate students make great discoveries.Read More