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Mental Health Month

Dear GSAS Students,
It has been almost two months since Harvard moved to remote teaching and research, and nearly all of us are following various social distancing measures. This shift in the way we all manage our daily activities has been difficult for everyone at Harvard and, indeed, for the world.
I know that for many graduate students, what is so often felt as a solitary pursuit has become even more so, leading to increased feelings of isolation and anxiety. As May is Mental Health Month, I wanted to take this opportunity to make sure you know that you are not alone, and that many resources exist at Harvard and GSAS to help.
Counseling and Mental Health Services
Clinicians from Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) are available to meet remotely no matter where you are located, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET. After-hours urgent care consultation is available nightly by calling 617-495-5711 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. ET and weekends 24/7. Use the patient portal to schedule an initial consultation or call 617-495-2042 to book follow-up, same-day, or urgent care appointments. If you already have a clinician, you can reach out directly for more information or to schedule an appointment.
If you prefer to connect to someone in the community, reach out to CAMHS Referral Coordinator, Alyssa Mauriello through the patient portal or visit Thriving Campus. For those enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan who have passed the 40-visit limit for mental health visits, Harvard has temporarily removed the limit until July 31, 2020.
Additional Resources
Other resources exist as well.

  • For those seeking resiliency tools in stressful and disruptive times, CAMHS psychologist Tara Cousineau, PhD, offers her “Courage, Presence. Resilience” (CPR) workshop in short, 15-minute clips. 
  • Harvard Health offers a variety of resources for individuals who are dealing with stress, anxiety, and a range of other emotions during the COVID-19 outbreak. Among them is a webinar series titled Regulating Emotions & Building Resiliency in the Face of a Pandemic, which consists of four 20-minute videos intended to introduce coping methods and give viewers a peace of mind during this crisis.
  • The Center for Wellness and Health Promotion offers virtual resources that include yoga, meditation, movement, and more.
  • The Student Center Fellows are hosting virtual events for students. Visit Engage to find an event of interest.
  • The Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response and GSAS Title IX coordinators continue to support students who are impacted by sexual and gender-based harassment.

If you have concerns but don’t know where to start, I encourage you to connect with Danielle Farrell, director of student services, for support. The Office of Diversity and Minority Affairs is also holding regular office hours. Danielle recently wrote an excellent article about wellness during this time. She notes several tips for students that can pertain to everyone: Stay connected. Be kind to yourself.
I want to say again: Please reach out for support, whether it’s to the GSAS or Harvard resources, or to friends and loved ones. You are not alone.

Emma Dench 
Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 
McLean Professor of Ancient and Modern History and of the Classics 

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