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Announcing the 2024 Harvard Horizons Scholars

Eight appointees study topics from environmental contamination to nanoscale photonics and the geometry of biology, fashion, and architecture

Harvard Griffin GSAS is pleased to announce the 2024 Harvard Horizons Scholars, who have been selected by the Harvard Horizons Faculty Fellows as representatives of the extraordinary researchers who make up Harvard’s PhD community. These eight students form the eleventh class of the Society of Horizons Scholars, a fellowship cohort that offers opportunities for long-lasting community, mentorship, and professional and academic growth. The scholars will receive in-depth mentoring on the art of effective presentation, preparing them for a campus-wide symposium in Sanders Theatre on April 9, 2024.

 The 2024 Harvard Horizons Scholars

Juhee Kang Headshot

Juhee Kang, History and East Asian Languages and Civilizations

Numbers, Minds, and Society: Takeaways from an early 20th century Japanese human intelligence test


Bethany Kotlar Headshot

Bethany Kotlar, Population Health Sciences

Punished in Utero: The Impact of Prenatal Exposure to a Mother’s Incarceration on Child Wellbeing

Claire Lamman Headshot

Claire Lamman, Astronomy

Untangling the Cosmic Web


Mauro Lazarovich Headshot

Mauro Lazarovich, Romance Languages & Literatures

Citizens of Nowhere: Stateless and Refugee Literature in Latin America

Heidi Pickard Headshot
2024 Harvard Horizons Scholar Heidi Pickard
David Salafia

Heidi Pickard, Engineering Sciences

Investigating environmental contamination and human reaction to overlooked and difficult to measure chemical compounds

Dylan Renaud Headshot

Dylan Renaud, Applied Physics

Nanoscale Photonics: The Power of Tiny Devices for Solving the World’s Largest Challenges

Noah Tyonaga Headshot

Noah Toyonaga, Physics

Scissors across scales: the geometry of biology, fashion, and architecture


Tina Wei Headshot

Tina Wei, History of Science

Ameliorating Fatigue at Work: Workplace-Management, Mind-Body Medicine, and Self-Help for Industrial Fatigue in the U.S., 1900-1950.

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