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Announcing the 2022 Harvard Horizons Scholars

Eight scholars appointed studying topics from implicit bias to religion and Hollywood

GSAS is pleased to announce the 2022 Harvard Horizons Scholars, who have been selected by the Harvard Horizons Faculty Fellows as representatives of the extraordinary researchers who make up Harvard’s PhD community. These eight students form the ninth class of the Society of Horizons Scholars, a fellowship cohort that offers opportunities for long-lasting community, mentorship, and professional and academic growth. The scholars will receive in-depth mentoring on the art of effective presentation, preparing them for a campus-wide symposium on April 12, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. in Sanders Theatre.

The 2022 Harvard Horizons Scholars



Gbemisola Abiola, African and African American Studies

In the Wake of Boko Haram's Terror: A Study of Internal Displacement in northeast Nigeria



Vanessa Braganza, English

The Secret-Seekers: Renaissance Writers and the Birth of Code




Hannah Cohen, Art, Film and Visual Studies

Infrastructural Aesthetics



Nicolò Foppiani, Physics

Are neutrinos the key to the Universe?



Karina Mathew, English

Imagining Extraterrestrial Contact



Juliana García-Mejía, Astronomy

The Tierras Observatory: An Ultra-Precise Photometer to Characterize Nearby Terrestrial Planets



Chika Okafor, Economics

Prosecutor Politics: The Impact of Election Cycles on Criminal Sentencing in the Era of Rising Incarceration



Harim Won, Biological Sciences in Public Health

Targeted self-degradation as an antibiotic strategy for tuberculosis: Making the trash take itself out


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