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After Application Submission

What to know after you submit your application

After you submit your application, it is forwarded to the program admissions committee for review. Applicants are notified by email when a decision is available to view in the Applicant Portal, normally by March 15. 

You can log in to the Applicant Portal to check the status of your application and track the receipt of required materials. (Green checkmarks will appear next to those items when they are received.) To view the applicant portal, visit the Application Home Page and select your submitted application. From there, you can:

  • view the status of required materials (letters of recommendation, official test scores, etc.) 
  • complete required items on your checklist 
  • update your contact information 
  • view the admissions decision, when available (normally by March 15).

Can I edit my application or provide additional materials after it has been submitted? 

Harvard Griffin GSAS does not allow additions or edits to submitted applications, though you may update your contact information through the Applicant Portal. You must complete all sections of the application prior to submission. Be sure to review the entire application to ensure it is complete and final. Once you click Finalize Application and Pay, you will be unable to update or edit any section of the application. 

Are interviews part of the application process? 

Some but not all Harvard Griffin GSAS programs offer interviews. Reach out to the contact for your program of interest with questions. 

Can I defer my admission offer? 

After an offer of admission has been made and accepted, admitted students may submit a deferral request for consideration by the graduate program. If a deferral is granted, you may not apply to another Harvard Griffin GSAS program or to another graduate school. 

How can I change my email or address after the application has been submitted? 

To change profile information log into your Applicant Portal and click on Account Tools in the upper right corner. 

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